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Concept, Changes, Consequences

Knut Lundby

The media are ubiquitous and constantly changing, causing social and cultural shifts. This book examines how processes of mediatization affect almost all areas of contemporary social and cultural life, and takes the theoretical debate on mediatization in communication studies and media sociology to a critical edge.
Contents: Sonia Livingstone: Foreword: Coming to Terms With ‘Mediatization’ – Knut Lundby: Introduction: ‘Mediatization’ as Key – Friedrich Krotz: Mediatization: A Concept With Which to Grasp Media and Societal Change – Andrea Schrott: Dimensions: Catch-All Label or Technical Term – Norm Friesen/Theo Hug: The Mediatic Turn: Exploring Concepts for Media Pedagogy – Lynn Schofield Clark: Theories: Mediatization and Media Ecology – Knut Lundby: Media Logic: Looking for Social Interaction – Stewart M. Hoover: Complexities: The Case of Religious Cultures – Andreas Hepp: Differentiation: Mediatization and Cultural Change – Stig Hjarvard: Soft Individualism: Media and the Changing Social Character – Synne Skjulstad: Dressing Up: The Mediatization of Fashion Online – Jesper Strömbäck/Frank Esser: Shaping Politics: Mediatization and Media Interventionism – Maren Hartmann: Everyday: Domestication of Mediatization or Mediatized Domestication? – André Jansson: Mobile Belongings: Texturation and Stratification in Mediatization Processes – Tanja Thomas: Social Inequalities: (Re)production through Mediatized Individualism – Eric W. Rothenbuhler: Continuities: Communicative Form and Institutionalization – Knut Lundby: Conclusion: Consensus and Conflict.