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(Re)Considering Blackness in Contemporary Afro-Brazilian (Con)Texts


Antonio D. Tillis

(Re)Considering Blackness in Contemporary Afro-Brazilian (Con)Texts critically interrogates the issue of Blackness in Brazil under the lens of cultural studies – broadly defined to include utterances on transnationalism and cosmopolitanism. From a multidisciplinary perspective, this collection of scholarly articles queries the notions of national and racial identity and ambivalence, through critical analysis of contemporary (mid-twentieth century to the present) Brazilian cultural materiality, including literature, religion, film/video and theatrical production, and cultural anthropological manifestations. The book’s purpose is to understand how multiethnic nations, such as Brazil, negotiate issues of Blackness in contemporary contexts. All of the contributing authors are leading Brazilian scholars in the areas of race, gender, theatre, music, literature, film, and religion studies. By concentrating on how these disciplines and ideologies relate to matters concerning Blackness in the construction of identities in Brazil, this book will be of significant value to scholars in the areas of Brazilian studies, Latin American studies, interdisciplinary studies, cultural studies, and African Diaspora studies.
Contents: Antonio D. Tillis: Introduction: Blackness and Cultural Tourism in Brazil: The Case of Salvador da Bahia – Maria Aparecida Andrade Salgueiro: Literature, Written Art and Historical Commitment: From Cadernos to Conceição Evaristo – Ari Lima: Tradition, History and Spiral of Time in the Samba de Roda of Bahia – Eurídice Figueiredo: Cross Readings: Mestizaje, Transculturation, Hybridism, and Creolization – Edimilson Pereira de Almeida: Poetry in the Middle of the Street, in the Middle of the Sea: Notes on Ritual and Aesthetics of the Cantopoeta in the African-Brazilian Culture – Eduardo de Assis Duarte: Posthumous Memories of Slavery: Blackness and Machado de Assis – Ana Beatriz Gonçalves: Echoes of Africa in the Pontos of Umbanda: From Afro-Brazilian to Brazilian – Adélcio de Sousa Cruz: Noise Literature and African-Brazilian Narrative in Cidade de Deus – Leda Martins: Performing Time, Performing Memory: Africa and Blackness in Brazilian Congado – Marcos Antônio Alexandre: Forms of Representation of the Black Body in Performance – Jorge Nacimento: Cultural and Racial Consciousness: The «calling» of Racionais MC’s.