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Histories of Public Service Broadcasters on the Web

Maureen Burns and Niels Brügger

This edited volume details multiple and dynamic histories of relations between public service broadcasters and the World Wide Web. What does it mean to be a national broadcaster in a global communications environment? What are the commercial and public service pressures that were brought to bear when public service broadcasters implemented web services? How did «one-to-many» broadcasters adapt to the «many-to-many» medium of the internet? The thematic organisation of this collection addresses such major issues, while each chapter offers a particular historical account of relations between public service broadcasters and the World Wide Web.
Contents: Nicholas W. Jankowski: Foreword: Public Service Broadcasters and the Web: Interplay of Convenience, Necessity, and Challenge – Maureen Burns/Niels Brügger: Introduction: Histories of Public Service Broadcasters on the Web: Thematic Concerns – An Nguyen/Alberto García: When Public Service Is the Name of the Game: The Evolution of British and Spanish Public Service Broadcasters in Online Journalism – Einar Thorsen: The Second Digital Wave: BBC News Online, Embedded Video and the iPlayer – Nikki Usher/Patricia Riley/Vikki Porter: NPR Online: Public Service Communication at the Center of National Public Radio – Maureen Burns: Protecting the Brand: A History of ABC Online News-as-Commodity – Kenneth Murphy: RTE Online: Public Objectives and Commercial Imperatives – Hallvard Moe: Between Public Service and Commercial Venture: The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation on the Web 1994-2000 – Niels Brügger: The Idea of Public Service in the Early History of DR Online – Amit M. Schejter/Merav Katz-Kimchi: « . . . [and] They Formed Themselves into a Single Unit»: The Development of the Israeli Broadcasting Authority Website – Benedetta Brevini: Southern European Public Service Broadcasters Expanding Online: A Policy Study of RAI and RTVE’s Online Activities – Meghan Grosse/David W. Park: Public Media and the Web in the U.S.: The Case of Vocalo – Anne Dunn: Regional Radio and Online Media Production: An Australian Broadcasting Corporation Case Study – Brian O’Neill/Michael J. Murphy: Canadian Content, Public Broadcasting and the Internet: CBC’s Online Strategy 1995-2000 – Fiona Martin: Vox Populi, Vox Dei: ABC Online and the Risks of Dialogic Interaction – Anja Bechmann: User Participation at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation 1998-2010: Changing Patterns – Shawn Powers: From Broadcast to Networked Journalism: The Case of Al-Jazeera English.