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The Decline of the Daily Newspaper

How an American Institution Lost the Online Revolution


Keith L. Herndon

This book describes the failure of the once powerful U.S. newspaper industry to adapt in the online era. From a historical perspective the book examines the issues and forces that shaped the industry, during the formative years of the online era through to today’s wireless-based marketplace, taking into account how consumers embraced interactivity and the ensuing emergence of user-generated content. Numerous examples critically detail how newspaper companies viewed online media forms, how they deployed them, and for what purpose. The Decline of the Daily Newspaper provides insight into how the decisions made in the early years of the online era have influenced the industry’s current economic condition.
Keith L. Herndon, PhD (Curtin University’s Department of Internet Studies), is a strategic research consultant. His long career in media and technology includes experience as a reporter, editor, and new media executive. He also has taught research methods, ethics, management, and other media courses at Kennesaw State University and the University of Georgia.