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Using the Psychology of Attraction in Christian Outreach

Lessons from the Dark Side


Wendy L. Patrick

Jesus sent His disciples into the world as sheep among wolves, instructing them to be «as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves» (Matt. 10:16). In Using the Psychology of Attraction in Christian Outreach: Lessons from the Dark Side, Wendy L. Patrick proposes that consistent with this instruction, Christian outreach should incorporate effective strategies of interpersonal influence into a biblical, proactive approach to sharing faith. Drawing on her experience as a sex crimes prosecutor and a review of relevant research, this book exposes five powerful social and psychological techniques (proactivity, emotional appeal, identification, affirmation, and credibility) used successfully within both the dark side by criminals and on the positive side of interpersonal influence by those with selfless motives seeking to benefit others that capitalize on the power of attraction. Because the outcome of these techniques is dependent on the motivation of the user, this book explores the efficacy of using them authentically, selflessly, and benevolently in Christian outreach.
Contents: The Universal Power of Attraction – Contemporary Methods of Christian Outreach – Five Lessons from the Dark Side: Exposing the Secrets of Success – Attraction Breeds Interaction - Five Lessons about Relationship Building – Attraction Persuades: Five Lessons about Positive Influence – Five Lessons about Generating Trust, Power, and Influence – Using the Five-Point Strategy in Christian Outreach.