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Form, Function and Variation in English

Studies in Honour of Klaus Hansen

Uwe Carls and Peter Lucko

The present Festschrift for Klaus Hansen comprises contributions by renowned colleagues and friends from various European countries working in the field of English linguistics. Reflecting Hansen's main areas of research, the papers in this volume mainly deal with lexicology, varieties of English and Grammar. The book constitutes a synthesis of investigations into special problems and of papers with a wider coverage, thus reflecting the state of the art in important areas of research in English linguistics. In addition to this, the volume presents a bibliography of Hansen's publications, which gives an impressive survey of the versatility of his scholarly work.
Contents: Dieter Kastovsky: Hans Marchand's Theory of Word-Formation: Genesis and Development - Leonhard Lipka: Blairites, Teletubbies, Spice Girls and Wheelie Bins - Neologisms, the Word of the Year, and the Nomination-Function of «Words» - Gabriele Stein: A 16th-Century Description of Vernacular Word-Formation - Horst Weinstock: Historical and Comparative Aspects of English Numerals between Twenty-One and Ninety-Nine - Katie Wales: The British National Spoken Corpus Thing and that Sort of Thing: The Interesting Thing about 'Thing' - Dietmar Schneider: «Euro-This, Euro-That and Now Euro-Money» (The Guardian 1996) - Computer-Assisted Studies of British Newspaper Language - Wolfram Bublitz: Shifting the Data: Maximizers in Elicited and in Observed Data as Examples of «Source Conflict» - Manfred Görlach: Morphological Problems of Integration: English Loanwords Ending in -er and -ing in Selected European Languages - Ursula Schaefer: Ausgepowerte Lerner and Other Guests: Some Remarks on Recent Influences of English on German - Uwe Carls: Compounding in Indian English - Rosemarie Gläser: Indigenous Idioms and Phrases in Australian and New Zealand English - Peter Trudgill: A Southern Hemisphere East Anglian: New Zealand English as a Resource for the Study of 19th Century British English - Christian Mair: Un-American Activities in British English Syntax: Prevent, Stop, Save - Günter Weise: Literary Dialect and Earlier African American English - Edgar W. Schneider: Notes on Singaporean English - Marion Löffler: Language Ability and Language Use: Teenagers in Two Small Towns in West Wales - Hans-Georg Wolf: The Impact of British Colonial Policy on the Forms and Functions of English in Cameroon - Hans-Jürgen Diller: Some Thoughts on the Stylistic Function of Contractions in Written Texts - Jürgen Esser: Medium-Dependent and Medium-Independent Presentation Structures - Dieter Götz: Approaching a Language for Specific Purposes - Peter Lucko: Morphological Categories as Interfaces between Lexis and Grammar - Ekkehard König / Peter Siemund: Reflexivity, Logophoricity and Intensification in English - Jan Firbas: On Dynamic Semantic Homogeneity in Functional Sentence Perspective - Manfred Markus: Word Order in English Reporting Clauses of Direct Speech (Corpus-Based) - Wolf-Dietrich Bald: Unless - Dieter Mindt: Finite vs. Non-Finite Verb Phrases in English - Achim Hoffmann: Deictic and «Possessive» Reference in the English Noun Phrase - Barbara Kryk-Kastovsky: On Data Collection and More: Problems in Synchronic and Diachronic Pragmatics.