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Literature, Art, History: Studies on Classical Antiquity and Tradition

In Honour of W. J. Henderson

André Basson and William J. Dominik

In this volume thirty new studies have been specially commissioned from scholars in seven countries to treat key texts and cultural phenomena from the Homeric age to the medieval period. A wide variety of critical approaches are employed to challenge orthodoxies and to present fresh perspectives on the literature, art and history of classical antiquity, late antiquity and the middle ages. Attractive features of the volume include the treatment of newly emerging areas of inquiry in addition to canonical texts and the representation of views of established international scholars at the forefront of the discipline. A recurrent motif of the volume emerges in the interpretive benefits of combining philological acumen with theoretical and intertextual considerations. This accessible and provocative book will be of interest to classicists, historians, art historians, students of comparative literature, and anyone concerned with the immense cultural legacy of classical Mediterranean civilisation. Greek and Latin quotations are accompanied by translations throughout.
Contents: David Konstan: Lucretian Friendship – Stephen Harrison: Meta-Imagery: Some Self-Reflexive Similes in Latin Epic – Karl Galinsky: Horace’s Cleopatra and Virgil’s Dido – Paul Murgatroyd: Space and Movement Through Space at Virgil, Georgics 4.317-558 – Gregor Maurach: Zu einigen Buchenden bei Horaz – Kathleen Coleman: Apollo’s Speech Before the Battle of Actium: Propertius 4.6.37-54 – Michael Lambert: Tibullus 1.7: A Question of Tact? – Anne Gosling: Rewriting Virgil: Ovid’s Mezentius (Fasti 4.877-900) – Beatrice Martin: Calpurnius Siculus: The Ultimate Imperial ‘Toady’? – William J. Dominik: Following in Whose Footsteps? The Epilogue to Statius’ Thebaid – Elaine Fantham: Chiron: The Best of Teachers – Peter Tennant: Queering the Patron’s Pitch: The Real Satirical Target of Juvenal’s Ninth Satire – André Basson: Felix, The Ascetic Hero in Paulinus of Nola’s Carmen 15 – Betine van Zyl Smit: A Christian Medea in Vandal Africa? Some Aspects of the Medea of Blossius Aemilius Dracontius – Italo Ronca: A Critical Note on the Prose Salernitan Questions – Steven Farron: Attitudes to Military Archery in the Iliad – Richard Whitaker: The Reception of the Trojan War in the Odyssey – Douglas E. Gerber: Mimnermus, Fragment 1.3 W. – P. J. Conradie: Recent Criticism and Hegel’s Interpretation of Sophocles’ Antigone – Bruno Gentili/Liana Lomiento: Corinna, Le Asopidi (PMG 654 Col. 3.12-51) – Geoffrey Arnott: Peripatetic Eagles: A New Look at Aristotle, Historia Animalium 8(9).32, 618b18-619a14 – John Hilton: Heliodorus the Poet – Anne Mackay: Feasts of Images – John R. Hale: Salpinx and Salpinktes: Trumpet and Trumpeter in Ancient Greece – Louise Cilliers: Graeco-Roman Views on the Aetiology of Disease – Barry Baldwin: Keep the Kings, Shake the Salt, Coals to Scipio: A Methodological Auto-da-fé – Richard Evans: Gaius Marius and the Consular Elections for 106 BC – Barbara Levick: Augustan Imperialism and the Year 19 BC – Denis Saddington: Paideia, Politeia and Hegemonia: A Route of Social Advancement in the Early Roman Empire – Hagith Sivan: Politics of Death in Late Antiquity: An Aquitanian Perspective.