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Turmoil, Trauma, and Triumph

The Fettmilch Uprising in Frankfurt am Main (1612-1616) According to "Megillas Vintz</I>- A Critical Edition of the Yiddish and Hebrew Text Including an English Translation


Rivka B. Ulmer

The Jewish community of Frankfurt am Main was expelled from the city in 1614 during the Fettmilch uprising. In 1616 the Jews were readmitted to the city in a formal ceremony during which the leaders of the riots were executed. These historical events were set forth in a poem entitled Megillas Vintz by Elhanan Helen, an eyewitness. This book contains an introduction, a critical edition of the Yiddish and Hebrew text of Megillas Vintz, the German translation by Wagenseil, a translation into English and a bibliography. The literary characteristics of the poem are discussed as well as the Ashkenazic rituals of coping with catastrophe. Since Megillas Vintz was chanted to the tune of Die Schlacht von Pavia in Frankfurt on Purim Vintz, the melodies are reproduced in an Appendix.
Contents: The Fettmilch uprising – Megillas Vintz by Elhanan Helen, an eyewitness – Critical edition, German and English translation.