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A Paul Auster Sourcebook

Carsten Springer

Both in the academic context and in secondary education, Paul Auster’s works enjoy a lasting popularity as study texts from the field of late-twentieth century American fiction. For the interpretation of this author’s writings, however, it has proved indispensable to take into account the autobiographical and literary allusions which occur in his books, and the cross-references among them.
This volume answers to the need for accurate information by providing detailed material on the allusions and references in Auster’s works. Furthermore, the book also contains data on earlier versions of Auster publications (this material was compiled after a study of the novelist’s original manuscripts) and the most comprehensive bibliography of Auster’s writings and criticism of his work to date.
Contents: Autobiographical material in the fictional works – Literary sources and allusions – Allusions of Auster works to one another – On earlier versions – Bibliography.