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Ethnic Minorities and Politics in Southeast Asia

Jörg Thomas Engelbert and Hans-Dieter Kubitschek

Contents: Hans Dieter Kubitschek: The Fundamentals of Nationalitaetenpolitik in Historical Perspective (with special reference to Southeast Asia) – Jean-Louis Margolin: National Construction, Identity Quest and Communitarian Temptations in Independent Singapore – Mary Somers-Heidhues: The Chinese Minority in Indonesia after Reformasi: Cultural Renaissance, Legal Obstacles, Interest Formation – Châu Hái: The Policies on Chinese Residents (Hoa) through Various Historical Periods in Vietnam – Annemarie Esche: Ethnic Policy of the Union of Myanmar. The Kayin Case – Alexander Horstmann: From Shared Cosmos to Mobilization of Hatred: Ethnic Relations in Southern Thailand between Complementary, Alienation and Hostility – Michael Steinmetz: Thai Nationalism and the Malay Muslim Minority. Reflections on Domestic and Foreign Aspects of Relevant Historic Sequences – Jana Raendchen: Thai Concepts of Minority Policy: National Integration and Rural Development in North-East Thailand – Volker Grabowsky: The Thai and Lao Ethnic Minorities in Cambodia: Their History and their Fate after Decades of Warfare and Genocide – Thomas Engelbert: From Hunters to Revolutionaries. The Mobilisation of Ethnic Minorities in Southern Laos and North-Eastern Cambodia during the First Indochina War (1945-1954) – Hoàng Thị Châu: The Creation and Dissemination of Writing Systems for Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam: the Current Situation and Related Policies.