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Competition, Environment and Trade in the Globalized Economy


Gustav Dieckheuer and Boguslaw Fiedor

There is an ongoing discussion about causes and consequences of economic globalization. The effects of growing international trade, worldwide integration and international policy co-ordination are widespread and thus call our attention. This book focuses on four major topics of the debate: the conditions for a country’s trade on worldwide growing markets for goods and capital; environmental problems caused by international economic growth; effects of increasing international competition; national macro-policies under the influence of increasing international interdependencies.

BIC Classifications

  • Economics, finance, business & management (K)
    • Economics (KC)
      • Economic theory & philosophy (KCA)
      • Environmental economics (KCN)
      • Economic systems & structures (KCS)
  • Earth sciences, geography, environment, planning (R)
    • The environment (RN)
      • Conservation of the environment (RNK)

BISAC Classifications

  • Business & Economics (BUS)
    • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Development / Economic Development (BUS068000)
    • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Economics / General (BUS069000)
    • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / International / Economics (BUS069020)
    • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Leadership (BUS071000)
  • Science (SCI)
    • SCIENCE / Environmental Science (see also Chemistry / Environmental) (SCI026000)

THEMA Classifications

  • Economics, Finance, Business & Management (K)
    • Economics (KC)
      • Economic theory & philosophy (KCA)
      • Political economy (KCP)
      • Economic systems & structures (KCS)
      • Economics of specific sectors (KCV)
        • Environmental economics (KCVG)
    • Business & Management (KJ)
      • Ownership & organization of enterprises (KJV)
  • Earth Sciences, Geography, Environment, Planning (R)
    • The environment (RN)
      • Conservation of the environment (RNK)