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Competition, Environment and Trade in the Globalized Economy


Gustav Dieckheuer and Boguslaw Fiedor

There is an ongoing discussion about causes and consequences of economic globalization. The effects of growing international trade, worldwide integration and international policy co-ordination are widespread and thus call our attention. This book focuses on four major topics of the debate: the conditions for a country’s trade on worldwide growing markets for goods and capital; environmental problems caused by international economic growth; effects of increasing international competition; national macro-policies under the influence of increasing international interdependencies.
Contents: Gustav Dieckheuer: Economic Globalization - Causes and Consequences – Jochen Schumann: On Migration in a Globalizing World – Bożena Borkowska/Jolanta Szapiel: Globalization of Takeovers and Mergers from the Perspective of the Polish Economy – Thomas Köhler/Stefan Kooths: Preparing a World Antitrust Framework - An Ordoliberal Approach – Thomas Bittner: Regional Dimensions of National Integration - Some Theoretical and Empirical Aspects of Poland’s Integration in the EU – Manfred Borchert: Structural Change in the Western European Banking Market – Stefan Forlicz: Global Information Techniques and their Economic Consequences (with Special Regard to the Internet) – Klaus Rahmen-Zurek: Internet Economics and the Organization of Open Source Software-Development – Jürgen E. Blank: Globalisation and Education - Some Remarks on the Future of Public Funded Higher Educational Services – Bogusław Fiedor: Global Ecolocical Issues, International Trade and Sustainable Development – Stanislaw Czaja/Andrzej Grazyk: Economic Instruments in Coping with Global Ecology Issues – Bożena Baborska: Foreign Direct Investment in Polish Agro-Food Sectors - Some Evidence and Careful Assessment – Bożena Klimczak: The Social Responsibility of Global Corporations – Jerzy Rymarczk: Problems in World Trade before the new WTO round.