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Transportation as a political issue


Joop Schopman

Land transportation has become a major political issue. The book surveys the problems and the measures taken. It discusses the costs caused by traffic for which it does not pay. Additional measures also have to be taken to reduce the negative impacts. Intermodal transport, denser traffic, and peak or congestion pricing are being discussed. All these initiatives can not solve the mounting problems. The amount of miles traveled will have to be reduced. Alternatives will have to be promoted such as better public transport, and the transfer of freight from road to train. Even our style of living will have to be changed. The second part discusses the actual measures taken by such countries as the United States, Switzerland, and the European Union. This survey covers the whole spectrum of initiatives taken or planned. At the end, some fundamental issues will be raised.
The Author: After his studies in physics and philosophy the author worked at academic institutes in Amsterdam, Liège, Utrecht, Boston and Innsbruck. These experiences aroused his interest in the relationship between science, technology and society. Since 1982 he has focused on artificial intelligence and cognitive science with an emphasis on assessment. His move to Innsbruck confronted him with the Tyrolean problem of transportation. His main publications are in history and philosophy of science and technology.