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Barriers and Bridges: Media Technology in Language Learning

Proceedings of the 1993 CETaLL Symposium on the Occasion of the 10th AILA World Congress in Amsterdam


Heidrun Jung and Robert Vanderplank

The papers that make up this collection were either presented at the CETaLL (Commission on Educational Technology and Language Learning) Colloquium «The Autonomous Learner and the Media» held as part of the 10th AILA World Congress in Amsterdam, August 8-15, 1993, or were presented in other sections at the same congress. Not only do they all share the common theme of exploring how media technology can be used to enhance language learning and teaching, but more than that, they relate the excitement of breaking down barriers and building bridges with the help of both old and new technology. Papers from Austria, Finland, Germany, Japan, Thailand, Britain and the United States cover a wide range of topics, from the latest hi-tech multi-media project to the humble radio with its potential for interactivity.
Contents: Virtual reality in the FL classroom - Multi-media centers - Teleschool - Computerbased communication - Computer conferencing - Interactive radio - Distance teaching - Teletext subtitles - Production of video programmes - International CALL bibliography.