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City Images and Urban Regeneration


Frank Eckardt and Peter Kreisl

City Images and Urban Regeneration reflects upon extant and experimental concepts in urban planning, life, society and development. This volume integrates contributions deriving from both points of departure: the reflection on urban regeneration processes and the visual perception of urbanity. With this book, the editors want to take up the long debate on «guiding images» in urban planning and present some new approaches to them. Examples are given from Sweden, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria and France, among others. The contributions are written by authors with backgrounds in a variety of disciplines as economy, sociology, art, history, architecture, political science, urban and regional planners. Off the beaten track of discussing urban life, they all give answers to the question, how we can find the principles, images, concepts, fantasies, politics and planning theories that regard the future of urban planning.

BIC Classifications

  • Society & social sciences (J)
    • Society & culture: general (JF)
      • Cultural studies (JFC)
    • Sociology & anthropology (JH)
    • Politics & government (JP)
  • Economics, finance, business & management (K)
    • Economics (KC)
      • Economic systems & structures (KCS)
      • Urban economics (KCU)
  • Earth sciences, geography, environment, planning (R)
    • Regional & area planning (RP)

BISAC Classifications

  • Business & Economics (BUS)
    • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Urban & Regional (BUS067000)
    • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Economics / General (BUS069000)
  • Law (LAW)
    • LAW / Land Use (LAW055000)
  • Political Science (POL)
    • POLITICAL SCIENCE / General (POL000000)
  • Social Science (SOC)
    • SOCIAL SCIENCE / General (SOC000000)
    • Anthropology (SOC002)
      • SOCIAL SCIENCE / Anthropology / General (SOC002000)

THEMA Classifications

  • The Arts (A)
    • Architecture (AM)
      • Landscape art & architecture (AMV)
        • City & town planning: architectural aspects (AMVD)
  • Society & Social Sciences (J)
    • Society & culture: general (JB)
      • Cultural & media studies (JBC)
        • Cultural studies (JBCC)
    • Sociology & anthropology (JH)
    • Politics & government (JP)
  • Economics, Finance, Business & Management (K)
    • Economics (KC)
      • Economic systems & structures (KCS)
      • Economics of specific sectors (KCV)
        • Urban economics (KCVS)
  • Earth Sciences, Geography, Environment, Planning (R)
    • Regional & area planning (RP)