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Social Exclusion

An Approach to the Australian Case

Doris Weiss

Far and away from the academic world with its theoretical discussion of what is meant by social exclusion and the empirical attempts to measure it, is the painful reality that confronts large portions of society on a daily basis. This book represents a contribution to the discussion on social exclusion in politics and social sciences. However, beyond this, it is the social reality in Australia that this work hopes to address.
Contents: Doris Weiss: Social Exclusion and the Struggle for Integration in Australia – Arran Gare: Aboriginals, Colonists and Multiculturalism: The Dialectic of Recognition and Social Exclusion in Australian History – Michela Betta: Australian multiculturalism: sorting out benefits and deficiencies. On social inclusion policies between monarchy and republic – James Jupp: Access and equity in Australia – Alastair Davidson: Citizens and Pariahs: Australia faces globalisation – John Lack: Australian Immigration: policy and history – Imma Di Biase: Conquering the «New Gold Mountain». A short history of Chinese migration to Australia – Michela Betta: From assimilation to ethnic business - the emergence of multiculturalism in Australia. A brief analysis of socio-economic and cultural patterns of the Italian and German migration movements – Zuleyka Zevallos/Michael Gilding: ‘I’m not your typical blond-haired, blue-eyed Skippy’: Second generation Australians and multiculturalism – Maila Stivens: Babies, Borders and Boundaries: Cultural Politics Overboard in Australia – Bettina Cass: Inclusion/Exclusion in the Australian Welfare State – Barbara Pocock/John Buchanan: Social exclusion and the Australian labour market: Reconfiguring inequality in work and care – Michael Gilding: Inequality and social class in Australia – Mark Harris: The marginalisation of Aboriginal Australians: historical and contemporary dimensions – Verity Burgmann: A sorry tale of exclusion: the Howard Governments versus indigenous Australians, 1996-2003 – Sue Goodwin: Gender and social exclusion in Australia – Renata Summo-O’Connell: Artistic expression and Community arts in Australia: the fundamental right to negotiate (displaced) identity within policies of exclusion. A case study – Graham Willett: Social Exclusion and Gay and Lesbian People.