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Handbook of Renewable Energies in the European Union II

Case Studies of all Accession States

Danyel Reiche

The aim of this book is to discuss obstacles and success conditions of a further diffusion of renewable energies in the EU-Accession States. Besides the ten states which will join the EU in 2004, Bulgaria and Romania which will probably join the European Union in 2007 as well as Turkey are also analysed. This publication is the second collection of systematic case studies describing national renewable energy policies in Europe. The first edition was published in 2002 under the title Handbook of Renewable Energies in the European Union - Case Studies of all Member States. As in its predecessor all chapters in this book have been carried out using the same structure. Apart from a comparison of the case studies in the introduction a service chapter at the end of the book informs the reader about the most important associations, websites, and journals pertinent to the subject matter.
Contents: Günter Verheugen: Preface – Danyel Reiche: Renewable Energies in the Accession States – Antoaneta Yotova/Valden Georgiev: Bulgaria – Ulrich Laumanns: Cyprus – Mischa Bechberger: Czech Republic – Stefan Körner: Estonia – Diana Ürge-Vorsatz/György Kasza/Katalin Lach: Hungary – Michael Krug: Latvia – Vladislovas Katinas/Romualdas Skema: Lithuania – Robert N. Farrugia/Edward Scerri/Charles E. Iskander Yousif: Malta – Danyel Reiche: Poland – Valentina Dinica: Romania – Jozef Viglasky: Slovakia – Mihael G. Tomšič: Slovenia – Uğur Gül Ketelhake: Turkey – Ulrich Laumanns: Key Renewable Associations, Energy Websites, and Journals.