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Ghana’s North

Research on Culture, Religion, and Politics of Societies in Transition

Franz Kröger and Barbara Meier

Ghana’s North is a compilation on the region uniting fifteen interdisciplinary articles that provide case studies from the numerous ethnic groups. The central focus is on aspects of adaptation of Northern Ghanaian cultures in view of the rapid change of the natural and cultural environment. The topics range from economic developments, migration, conflicts and peace restoration, land rights, political controversies, religious phenomena, and cultural expression through narratives, music and language. An introductory chapter relates the history of research in Northern Ghana including a bibliography on the most important sources.
Contents: Franz Kröger: Introduction: Ethnographic Exploration of Northern Ghana – Jack Goody: ‘Kalabule’ and the Death of African Socialism – Brenda Chalfin: The North goes Global: Export Markets and Indigenous Commodities – Bruce T. Grindal: Why the Young leave Home: Witchcraft, Authority, and the Ambiguity of Evil in Sisalaland – Barbara Meier: Living in the Bush: Representations of Urban Life among Northern Ghanaian Migrants – Steve Tonah: Conflicts and Consensus between Migrant Fulani Herdsmen and Mamprusi Farmers in Northern Ghana – Benjamin Kunbuor: Multiple Layers of Land Rights and ‘Multiple Owners’: The Case of Land Disputes in the Upper West Region of Ghana – Carola Lentz: Stateless Societies or Chiefdoms: A Debate among Dagara Intellectuals – Jon Kirby: Peacebuilding in Northern Ghana: Cultural Themes and Ethnic Conflict – Volker Riehl: The Dynamics of Peace: The Role of the Traditional Festivals of the Tallensi in Northern Ghana in Creating Sustainable Peace – Eugene Mendonsa: Political Economy in a Goatskin Bag: Attempted Symbolic Power Creation in Sisala Divination – Franz Kröger: Elders - Ancestors - Sacrifices: Concepts and Meanings among the Bulsa – Albert K. Awedoba: The Pepara Hunt among the Kasena-Nankana: A Way of Life or a Way of the Gods? – Michael Schlottner: «If I would leave it and stop, it would kill me»: Solima and Reggae among the Kusasi in Northeastern Ghana – Rüdiger Schott: Death and the Dead in Folktales of the Bulsa in Northern Ghana – Tony Naden: Greeting a Chief and Other Matters.