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Paths of Urban Transformation


Frank Eckardt

More than a decade after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the cities and regions of the former socialist countries are still in a phase of transition. The different political, social and cultural paths of their development are bringing up the question whether it is still adequate to qualify them as «post-socialist». How long will this «post» be of any meaning? This book discusses the differences and similarities of cities in Central and Eastern Europe on their way into the globalized world.
Contents: Frank Eckardt: Paths of Urban Transformation (Introduction) – Ákos Szépvölgyi: Effects of transition to a knowledge-based society on the Hungarian regional development – Maciej Smętkowski: New Relationships between the Metropolis and the Region in Information Economy: Warsaw Metropolitan Region - A Case Study – Ognjen Čaldarović: Patterns of urbanization and the question of multiculturalism and territorialization: an example in transitional society (Croatia) – Konrad Miciukiewicz: Transformation of Łódź: Seeking for a New Region – Jana Temelová: High Profile Buildings: Help-mates in international and local competition. The Case of Prague – Ileana Hapenciuc Blum: Urban Regeneration in a Post-Communist City. The Case of Bucharest – Lubica Vitkova: The Case of Commercial Investments in Bratislava region (Slovak Republic) – Vera Marin: Inhabiting the Outskirts of Bucharest «Old» Socialist Housing Estates versus «New» Capitalist Suburbia Developments – Martin Ouředníček: New suburban development in the Post-socialist city: The Case of Prague – Olga Mrinska: Regions in Transition: New Roles in a Global Economy. The Case of Ukraine – Yani Valkanov: Suburbanisation in Sofia: Changing Spatial Structure of a Post-communist City – Gábor Soós/Györgyi Ignits: Suburbanization and its consequences in the Budapest Metropolitan Area – Anna Karwinska: Constructing the «city of mine» within the globalised space – Elena Vesselinov: Housing Inequality: Changes of First-Order in Sofia, Bulgaria – Enkeleida Tahiraj/Elidor Mehilli/Luan Deda: Tirana Urban Challenges – Marjan Hočevar/Matjaž Uršič/Drago Kos/Franc Trček: Changing of the Slovene Urban System: Specific Socio-Spatial Trends and Antiurban Public Values / Attitudes.