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Negotiating Space for Gender Studies

Frameworks and Applications

Özen Odag and Alexander Pershai

This collection of essays from different conceptual and methodological backgrounds brings disciplines together to discuss the category of gender. It connects various disciplines and negotiates the space for gender studies in and between the academic fields. This volume elaborates gender within two conceptual frameworks: The first touches upon the institutionalisation and acceptance of women’s and gender studies in different countries; the second framework comprises case examples for applying and incorporating the category of gender by and in the fields of literary studies, art history, linguistics, history, psychology, social and migration studies.
Contents: Alexander Pershai/Özen Odağ: Bringing Disciplines Together to Discuss Gender – Anina Mischau: Development and Institutionalisation of Women’s Studies and Gender Research in Germany – Alexander Pershai: Language in Women’s Place: The Gender and Language Research in Post-Soviet Countries – Nicola Spakowski: The Internationalisation of China’s Women’s Movement: «Global Sisterhood» between Western Domination and Chinese Self-Definition – Beril Saydun: Women, Nationalism, and Religion: Construction of National Identity Through Religion and Gender Among Migrant Muslim Communities in Europe – Laura Petican: A Critical Re-Interpretation of Manet’s Olympia – Eveline Kilian: Concepts of (Trans)Gender in Literary Studies – Sonja Kinzler: Sleep and the Body in 19th Century Germany: A Gendered Discourse (?) – Ulrich Kühnen/Sabine Sczesny/Anke von Rennenkampff/Dagmar Stahlberg: Assets and Drawbacks of a Feminine or Masculine Appearance: How Gender-Stereotypes Guide the Perception of Leadership – Özen Odağ: In Persuit of Interdisciplinarity: A Résumé for the Gender Workshop at IUB.