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Articulating Creation, Articulating Kerygma

A Theological Interpretation of Evangelisation and Genesis Narrative in the Writings of Saint Augustine of Hippo


Pawel Kapusta

This book deals with the relationship between initial creation and historical re-creation in the works of Augustine of Hippo. It begins with a detailed study of Augustine’s concept of articulation, important in his considerations of speech, writing, history, and epistemology. By charting the way Augustine articulates the arguments of discursive reason in the study of the liberal arts and in notional explication, a general scheme for the thematic articulation of heuristic intentions is established. This scheme is then applied both to Augustine’s interpretation of the first creation account of Genesis, and to his description of the experience of kerygmatic proclamation. Due to this common, articulated structure, evangelisation can be understood as the on-going completion of creation narrative within salvation history.
Contents: The Articulation of Bodies – Vocal Articulation – Articulations of Time – Articuli as Items of Discourse – Articulation in the Philosophical Tradition – Augustine’s Method of Dialectical Articulation – Three Types of Quaestio – The Articulation of Notions – The Genesis commentaries – Articulations of the Preaching Ministry.