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Cracks in the Walls

Essays on Spirituality, Ecumenicity and Ethics- Festschrift for Anna Marie Aagaard on the Occasion of her 70 th Birthday

Else Marie Wiberg Pedersen and Johannes Nissen

This book is dedicated to Anna Marie Aagaard on the occasion of her 70 th birthday. It is written by a number of friends and colleagues. The essays touch upon a number of the issues and interpretations that have shaped and been shaped by Anna Marie Aagaard in her theological work: spirituality, ecumenicity and ethics – also including poetry and politics. In this endeavour lies the hope that this book itself is an outreach towards new beginnings and ends, pointing beyond itself to the world outside its pages, and that all the contributions in one way or another construct a meaning and form «cracks» in those walls we constantly and regrettably build, be they theological, cultural, moral or otherwise.
Contents: Else Marie Wiberg Pedersen: Introduction – Eva Nordentoft: In-between Spirituality - «taste and see that the Lord is good» (Ps 34:9) – Else Marie Wiberg Pedersen: «The Holy Spirit shall come upon you». Mary - the Human «Locus» for the Holy Spirit – Niels Henrik Gregersen: Unio Creatoris et Creaturae. Martin Luther’s Trinitarian View of Creation – Johannes Nissen: Holy Spirit, Otherness and Reconciliation – Ellen Juhl Christiansen: Chosen and Honoured - Burdened and Troubled. An Aspect of the Ecclesiology in 1 Peter – Turid Karlsen Seim: In Living Memory… Reflections on «Collective Memory» and Patterns of Commemoration in Early Christianity – Mary Tanner: Why Ecclesiology is Important for the Future of the Ecumenical Movement – Risto Saarinen: The Lutheran-Orthodox Joint Commission. Our Work 1994-2003 – Peter Bouteneff: Reading the Lives of the Saints. Metaphors, Miracles and the Inter-Orthodox Rapprochement – Viggo Mortensen: Ecclesiology and Spirituality in Europe. The Case for «a non-spectacular ecumenical Strategy» – Knud Jeppesen: We Believe in One Catholic and Apostolic Church. Experience and Reflection – Martin Robra: «Only God’s initiating and sustaining grace…». Searching Common Ground for Moral Discourse – Konrad Raiser: Rationale for a New Ecumenical Discourse on Power – Ulrich Duchrow: The God of the European Constitution – Lisbet Christoffersen: Religious Freedom and Ecclesiastical Law. Reflections on Law, Religion and Ethics – Peter Lodberg: The Church and Peace. The Inspiration from Dietrich Bonhoeffer.