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What Practitioners of TCM Should Know

A Philosophical Introduction for Medical Doctors


Friedrich G. Wallner

In the last years an increasing interest in TCM has emerged in the Western world. This interest is both practical and theoretical. This book is written for all those with a practical interest in TCM; it gathers texts for those interested in TCM in a philosophical way, but is not loaded with too detailed philosophical information. This book is suitable for practitioners of TCM and for all those who are interested in the structure of TCM and Western medicine.
Contents: Objective and Systemic Medicine – Why Is TCM Scientific? – TCM and Western Medicine. A Comparison in Method and Ontology – Scientific Methodology with Respect to Medicine – Methodological Preconditions of the Comparison between TCM and Western Medicine – Philosophical Practice as Support for Medical Practice – Culturality and Commitment – A New Vision of Science (Revised) – Kelvin Chan: Comparing the Differences in the Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Orthodox Medicine.