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A Focus on EU-Russian Relations

Towards a close partnership on defined road maps?


Kirsten Westphal

The EU and Russia have established a relationship based on a number of agreements. The latest agreement was the signing of the road maps for four common spaces. But still, the relationship does not run smoothly and faces a number of challenges and problems that are not only of regional importance but do also have an impact on the global level. This volume presents an analysis of a number of aspects which have proved to be important for said relationship. As such, the volume provides a focus on the status quo of the relations in 2004/2005. It combines views of scientists from the EU and from Russia with regard to pressing or latent issues.
Contents: Kirsten Westphal: The EU-Russian Relationship and the Energy Factor: A European View – Pierre Bailly: La transformation structurelle de l’UE et la redéfinition politique de l’Europe – Reimund Seidelmann: Decision-making in EU’s CFSP: Deficits and Perspectives – A. N. Nikolaev: Russia in the Modern International System: Problems of Mutual Perceptions – Olga Garanina: Russian-European Economic Relations: Impact of the Enlargement of the European Union – David A. Dyker: Key Problems in Russia’s Negotiations for Accession to the WTO – Andreas Vasilache: Le Terrorisme transnational et la Politisation de la Peur.