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Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine

Consultant: Lena Springer


Friedrich G. Wallner, Gertrude Kubiena and Martin J. Jandl

This volume presents texts written by Austrian and Chinese experts in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The issue the authors worked on is the basic problem how to make a different system of medical thinking plausible for the Western world, especially for Western medicine. This issue is considered from different viewpoints – from the viewpoint of Western medicine that is familiar with Chinese medicine and contrariwise from the viewpoint of Chinese Medicine that is familiar with its Western counterpart and from a philosophical viewpoint. In this way both differences in the theoretical systems of Western and Chinese medicine and problems of adequate translation are profundly discussed.
Contents: Lu Guangxin: The fundamental principles of traditional Chinese medicine – Fritz Wallner/Florian Schmidsberger: How to research TCM? – Zhang Qicheng: The Cultural Characteristics of Chinese Medical Terminology and its Comparative Analysis in the Context of Western Medicine – Fritz Wallner: Comment to Zhang Qicheng’s Contribution – Gertrude Kubiena: Teaching Traditional Chinese Medicine outside China - A Challenge for Teachers – Lan Fengli: Who Translated Huang Di Nei Jing: Influence of Translator’s Subjectivities on Its Translation – Lan Fengli: The Origin and Translation of Qi, Yin-Yang and Wu Xing in TCM – Wang Xin-Yuan/Pu Gong-Ying: Lemology in Traditional Chinese Medicine: With Prevention and Treatment of SARS as A Case in Point.