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Critical Period Hypothesis Revisited

The Impact of Age on Ultimate Attainment in the Pronunciation of a Foreign Language - Including CD


Malgorzata Jedynak

The book discusses various arguments for and against Critical Period Hypothesis for the acquisition of foreign language native-like pronunciation. The research described in the book encompassed adult learners of English and Polish, some of whom mastered the pronunciation in such a way that they managed to pass off as native speakers of the target language. Various factors were examined in order to show their contribution to the ultimate success of the learners such as a learning setting, a length in learning and a training in foreign language phonology/phonetics.
Contents: Lateralisation and Critical Period – Neurolinguistic Arguments Concerning Critical Period – Cognitive Arguments Concerning Critical Period – Psychological and Environmental Arguments Concerning Critical Period – Other Arguments Concerning Critical Period – Studies Supporting the Critical Period Hypothesis – Studies Challenging the Critical Period Hypothesis – Empirical Findings of the Author – ‘How to’ Guide for Adult Learners – ‘How to’ Guide for Teachers.