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The Propur Langage of Englische Men

Ewa Ciszek & Lukasz Hudomiet (assistants-to-the-editors)


Marcin Krygier and Liliana Sikorska

This volume contains a selection of papers presented at the Medieval English Studies Symposium held in Poznań, Poland in November 2006. The papers cover a wide range of topics in the areas of Old and Middle English language and literature: from language contact and Middle English syntax to pragmatics, and from Chaucer to Middle English religious and secular discourse.
Contents: Elżbieta Adamczyk: On the (in)stability of the Old English weak declension – Agnieszka Pysz: True or false? Postposition of adjectives in Old English – Artur Bartnik: Functional projections in Old English: DP and NumP – Liliana Sikorska: «zef thow be not grete clerk, loke thow moste on thys werk»: Religious and secular guidance in William Caxton’s Book of curtesye and John Mirk’s Instructions for parish priests – Christine M. Rose: Glossing Griselda in a medieval conduct book: Le ménagier de Paris – Barbara Kowalik: Mary as Anglo-Saxon Dryhtin and Norman patroness: A fusion of cultural and literary influences in On god ureisun of ure lefdi – Rafał Borysławski: Wordhordes cræft: Confusion and the order of the wor(l)d in Old English gnomes – Anna Czarnowus: Oriental despotism in The Sowdone of Babylone.