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Learning, Adjustment and Stress Disorders

With Special Reference to Tsunami Affected Regions


Evelin Witruk, David Riha, Alexandra Teichert and Norman Haase

This book contains selected contributions from the international workshop Learning, Adjustment and Stress Disorders – with special reference to Tsunami affected Regions organised by Evelin Witruk and the team of Educational and Rehabilitative Psychology at the University of Leipzig in January 2006. The book contains new results and the state of the art in Psychology, Neuropsychology, Special Education, Rehabilitative Sport and Pharmacology of learning, adjustment and stress disorders. The book has an interdisciplinary character. It aims not only at bringing together different fundamentally-oriented approaches, but also at connecting these approaches with applied work. It strives towards fostering a scientific exchange that promotes emergence of synergy effects and real progress in the understanding of learning, adjustment and stress disorders, particularly after natural disasters like Tsunami.
Contents: Evelin Witruk: Introductory note – Evelin Witruk: Preface – Annette Beck-Sickinger/Hans-Helmut König: Greeting notes – Ursula Kirmse/Erich Schröger: The Mismatch Negativity (MMN): An electrophysiological indicator of auditory long-term learning in speech and non-speech processing – Petra Schepler/Bodo Krause: Relations between associative learning with coding conflicts and neuropsychological correlates of learning and memory – Evelin Witruk: Dyslexia - Assessment and treatment – Arndt Wilcke/Johannes Boltze: Genetische Grundlagen der Legasthenie – Beate Sabisch: Brain response in lexical-semantic processing in typically developing children and children with developmental language disorders – Ouafa Raziq/Evelin Witruk: Wechselwirkungen zwischen Lese- und Rechtschreibleistung, Arbeitsgedächtnis und Ängstlichkeit bei marokkanischen und deutschen Schülern – Juan E. Jiménez/Isabel Hernández-Valle: Computer-aided assessment of the cognitive processes in learning to read and dyslexia – Karen Nieber: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Diagnosis, neurobiology and pharmacological treatment – Amitya Kumara: Self adaptation for children with learning disorders – Issa Al-Manssour/Constantin Albert/Khaled Al-Ammar: Der Einfluss elterlicher Verwöhnung auf Schulfähigkeit und Lese-Rechtschreib-Kompetenz im Grundschulalter – Khaled Al-Ammar: Ursachen und Folgen elterlicher Verwöhnung – Elke Jann-Kluge/Evelin Witruk: Fluglärm als Risikofaktor für die kognitive Entwicklung von Schulkindern – Ulrike Quast: Suggestopedia and emotional learning factors – Jürgen Innenmoser: Concepts of disability sport and of rehabilitation sport programs - Emancipation and integration of people with a disability by sport – Juan C. Oliver-Rodríguez: Nonparametric analysis of the interaction between gender and linguistic abilities in blind children – Guna Svence: Using G. Kelly’s Repertory Grid Technique for determining the schoolchild’s personality’s feeling of self in school perceptive communication in the relationship schoolchild-teacher-schoolchild – Lusine Karapetyan/Konrad Reschke: Development of identity and psychological health of Armenians living in Germany - in the process of adaptation – Hans-Ulrich Balzer/Marcus Stueck: Auswirkungen von sozialer Isolation - Chronobiologische Isolationsexperimente zur Vorbereitung internationaler Raumflüge – Alexandra Teichert/Evelin Witruk: Cancer diagnosis in children and adolescents - Analysing possibilities to encourage and help patients during the course of the disease and afterwards in finding their way back to life – Buddhiprabha D. D. Pathirana: Significance of preschool teacher training pertaining to peace education & early violence in preschool children: The Sri Lankan Profile – Marija Kocijasevic/Ljiljana B. Lazarevic: A review of the workshop used as a method of decreasing social adjustment problems in kindergarten – Ljiljana B. Lazarevic/Marija Kocijasevic: Workshop as a treatment method of social adjustment problems of children aged 6 in Belgrade kindergartens – Marcus Stueck/Danilo Neumann/Lars Mayer/Kati Rillich/Peggy Dobrig/Berit Lahm/Petra Supplies/Peter Wallenhauer: Psychologische Präventionsansätze in Handlungsfeldern der sozialen Arbeit – Marcus Stueck: Wassergestützte Selbstregulation mit Biodanza für Kinder als präventive Intervention zum Abbau kindlicher Verhaltensbesonderheiten und Traumata sowie zur Stärkung des Bindungsverhaltens – Evelin Witruk/Samudra Senarath/Sophie von Lieres: Disaster aid activities in Tsunami and earthquake affected regions of Sri Lanka, Indonesia and India – Gunendra R. K. Dissanayake: Post-traumatic stress