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At the Limits of Presentation

Coming-into-Presence and its Aesthetic Relevance in Jean-Luc Nancy’s Philosophy


Martta Heikkilä

This study explores the significance of art in Jean-Luc Nancy’s philosophy. The main object of the work is to discuss the notion of art and its contribution to some of Nancy’s central ontological ideas. Art’s importance is considered in its own right – the main questions being whether art does have ontological significance, and if so, how one should describe this with respect to the theme of presentation. According to the work’s central argument, with his thinking on art Nancy attempts to give one viewpoint to what is called the metaphysics of presence and to its deconstruction. On which grounds may one say that art is not reducible to philosophy? These topics are examined by highlighting the differentiation between the notions of «presentation» and «representation» with regard to the influence of Martin Heidegger and Jacques Derrida on Nancy’s thought.
Contents: Jean-Luc Nancy – Art – Ontology – Finitude – Difference – Aesthetics – Presentation – Representation – Deconstruction – Martin Heidegger – Jacques Derrida.