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Networking across Borders and Frontiers

Demarcation and Connectedness in European Culture and Society


Jürgen Barkhoff and Helmut Eberhart

This volume presents the proceedings of a Coimbra Group conference on networking across borders and frontiers in European culture and society that took place at the University of Graz in September 2007. Organised by the Task Force on Culture, Arts and Humanities it brought together researches from ten different European countries and an array of disciplines across the Humanities and Social Sciences spectrum, from Cultural Anthropology, European Ethnology, History, Literary Studies and Fine Arts to Peace Studies, Sociology and Political Sciences. It explores the capacity of the frontier-network binary for describing and analysing historical, cultural and political processes in the formation of European cultures and societies past and present, and across national and disciplinary boundaries.
Contents: Jürgen Barkhoff/Helmut Eberhart: Introduction – Robert J. Holton: Network Theories and Network Types – René Sigrist: Scientific Networks and Frontiers in the Golden Age of Academies (1700-1830). An essay with new data – Natalia Tikhonov-Sigrist: Academic Migrations to Switzerland 1870-1914. The networks behind the numbers – Inge Knudsen: Pushing Gender Boundaries. Radical Intellectual Networks around Mary Wollstonecraft – Gábor Barna: Crossing the Borders. The Meeting of Religions and Shaping the Sacred in the Age of Globalization and the Internet – László Mód/Timo J. Virtanen: Vanishing Borders, Expanding Networks. Backgrounds, questions and targets for the Finnish-Hungarian Banat project – Susanne Österlund-Pötzsch: Finland-Swedes. In-between and in-betwixt – Kirsten Patent: The Difficult Relationship between East and West Germans. Examples from ethnological field research – Gillian Wylie: Trafficking in Women. Networks of Knowledge and the Cultural Construction of Europe – Simonetta Grilli/Fabio Mugnaini: Badanti on the Edge. Networks beyond frontiers in domiciliary eldercare. An ethnographic study of migrant women workers and contemporary families in Italy – Niall O Dochartaigh: Conflict, Territory and online Boundaries. Drawing wider Lessons from a Belfast Case Study – Kathrin Pöge-Alder: Storytelling across Borders. Networks of Patterns and Organizations – Jeanne Riou: Aesthetic Imagination as Network? Approaches to Thought and Death in Rilke and Richard Beer-Hofmann – Isidro López-Aparicio Pérez: Networking Across Borders and Frontiers. A graphic metaphor.