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Nature and Rational Agency

Siri Granum Carson, Truls Wyller and Kjartan Koch Mikalsen

Nature and Rational Agency is a collection of essays that revolve around a normative approach to rational agency. Thematically, the essays focus on the relationship between self and nature, as well as between subject and co-subjects. On the one hand our knowledge of the world includes knowledge of ourselves and other rational agents as parts of the world. But, on the other hand, our understanding of ourselves as rational agents has a special status in the sense that it is a condition for having scientific knowledge of nature. A key point of this anthology is that a distinctive feature of being a rational agent is to be subject to normative standards. Our actions are essentially judged as more or less good, right, or fitting, as opposed to natural courses of events.
Contents: Geert Keil: Making Something Happen. Where Causation and Agency Meet – Truls Wyller: The Caveman. Transcendental Reflections on Spatial Size and World Models – Albrecht Wellmer: On Spirit as a Part of Nature – Siri Granum Carson: Freedom and First Person Priority – Wolfgang Kuhlman: Comments on Rule-Following – Jon Hellesnes: Describing Actions – Cathrine Holst: Nussbaum versus Rawls – Audun Øfsti: Comments.