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Language in its Socio-Cultural Context

New Explorations in Gendered, Global and Media Uses

Markus Bieswanger, Heiko Motschenbacher and Susanne Mühleisen

It is one of the basic tenets in sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology that language is not only situated in but also shaped by the social and cultural environment in which it is used. This volume seeks to explore the interface of society, culture and cognition in gendered, global and media uses of language in the 21st century. With its focus on topical developments in language use in contexts around the globe, this collection of twelve contributions by international scholars is attractive for scholars and students interested in sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, applied linguistics, computer-mediated communication (CMC), language, culture and cognition, as well as discourse analysis.
Contents: Markus Bieswanger/Heiko Motschenbacher/Susanne Mühleisen: Language in its socio-cultural context: New explorations in gendered, global and media uses – Anne Pauwels: Socially motivated language reform in a global lingua franca: The case of gender reform in English – Heiko Motschenbacher: Female-as-norm (FAN): A typology of female and feminine generics – Friederike Braun/Geoffrey Haig: When are German ‘girls’ feminine? How the semantics of age influences the grammar of gender agreement – Janet Holmes: Gender, leadership and discourse in New Zealand workplaces – Stephanie Schnurr: ‘Decision made – let’s move on’ – Negotiating gender and profes-sional identity in Hong Kong workplaces – Rita Kupetz/Maxi Kupetz: Approaches to the analysis of interaction in the English language classroom and implications for teacher education – Markus Bieswanger: Gendered language use in computer-mediated communication: Typography in text messaging – Britta Schneider: Deconstructing national identity – What does it mean for language rights? – Rainer Schulze: «In retrospect, I was shocked, dazed, confused and not able to cope»: on a selected ‘frozen’ linguistic pattern as a reflection of cultural collective cognition – Bettina Migge: Variation and change in a Creole community: An assessment of social and linguistic processes – Susanne Mühleisen: Variation and change in Caribbean Creole pronominal systems: What does allyuh mean?