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Converged Network Service Architecture

A Platform for Integrated Services Delivery and Interworking


Natalia Kryvinska

Convergence is undoubtedly revolutionizing communications technologies and businesses, merging networks of different types and origins. Hence, the future depends on the success of combining old and new solutions to serve new customer needs. Thus, this book addresses Intelligent- and IP-Networks analysis and modeling as well as their converging architecture for services and signaling. The goal of this work is to design architecture for seamless interworking between different elements of the converged network necessary for the support of new hybrid services. Further, signaling interworking architectures cater the specific class of voice services. Therefore, the book examines also current approaches towards the integration of signaling between different networks.
Contents: Intelligent Network (IN) – Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) – Circuit- and packet-switched networks convergence – Converged network management system – Queuing network models.