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Asserti-Care- Assertion Training for the Elderly Client

Assertion Training for the Elderly Client


Donald W. Hudson Jr.

Reports of successful treatment, utilizing assertiveness training, have been established mainly through research efforts coordinated with youthful populations. Lengthy literature reviews reveal only five attempts with the elderly population; only three interventions were empirically based and results have been inconclusive. This book discusses negative stereotypes of the aged and prevailing attitudes found within our profession which influence the psychological diagnosis and treatment of the elderly (i.e. «Why bother with them when there's no need to effect a change so late in life?»). The author reports a study which examines the effect of an assertiveness training program on assertion, self-esteem, locus of control, and health for an elderly population.
Contents: Assertion training provides a re-vitalization process. The elderly can acquire social skills enabling them to defend their dignity.