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Studies in Modern Italian History

From the Risorgimento to the Republic

Frank J. Coppa

Italy's Fascist experience and role in World War II sparked a reassessment of Italian developments since unification. The peninsula's strategic position, its role in NATO and the European Economic Community, the remaking of postwar democracy, as well as a range of problems confronting the Italian Republic, all mandate a reassessment of its past. The thirteen essays in this work are divided into four sections which focus upon the Risorgimento, the Liberal Age, the Fascist Era, and the postwar Republic. The contributors include Emiliana P. Noether, Raymond Grew, Frank J. Coppa, Ronald S. Cunsolo, Spencer Di Scala, Alexander De Grand, Richard Drake, Joel Blatt, Sandi E. Cooper and John Thayer from the United States as well as Salvo Mastellone, Emilio Gentile, and Luigi di Rosa from Italy.
Contents: The thirteen essays in this volume in honor of A. William Salomone examine developments im modern Italy from the unification to the present. The contributors from the United States and Italy include some of the foremost scholars of modern Italian history.