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Collectanea Augustiniana

Augustine: «Second Founder of the Faith»

Joseph C. Schnaubelt and Frederick Van Fleteren

This volume, entitled Collectanea Augustiniana, commemorates the celebration at Villanova University (during its 1986 and 1987 Patristic, Medieval, and Renaissance Conferences) of the sixteenth centenary of the conversion and baptism of St. Augustine. Subtitled Augustine: «Second Founder of the Faith», the volume is divided into six sections. In the first, 'Conversion in the Confessiones', five authors discuss aspects of Augustine's conversion. The second section, 'Literary Structure in the Confessiones', is devoted to six analyses of the arrangement of Augustine's spiritual autobiography. The third section, The City of God, contains four essays on Augustine's theology of history. The fourth section, 'Augustinian Biblical Exegesis', presents six studies of Augustine's interpretation of Holy Writ. The fifth section, 'Influences on Augustine', is given over to four examinations of Augustine's philosophical background. Finally, in the sixth section, Augustinian Themes, three essays deal respectively with the Augustinian concepts of body and soul, evil, and juridicism.
Contents: The Collectanea Augustiniana, subtitled Augustine: «Second Founder of the Faith», is a collection of twenty-eight essays by world-renowned authors, on the life and work, the theology, philosophy, and Scriptural exegesis of the great «Doctor of Grace».