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Fulbe Presence in Sierra Leone

A Case History of Twentieth-Century Migration and Settlement among the Kissi of Koindu


M. Alpha Bah

Fulbe Presence in Sierra Leone, is an important piece of scholarship that documents the richness and diversity of African history. This study not only documents the cost of artificially drawn borders in human terms, but it also provides a case study in the discrimination of a people by other groups or the government, for one reason or another. The author takes his readers through the complex processes leading to the defining of the borders of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. The role of the Fulbe in the establishment of Koindu as a modern market town is fascinating. Fulbe traders also contributed to the improvement of the social life and the conversion of Kissis to Islam. Despite the role of the Fulbe in Koindu they are still considered «strangers» in Sierra Leone.