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The Mystery Hidden for Ages in God

Third Printing


Paul Quay

Original sin, widely denied today, is nevertheless the condition in which our spiritual life begins. Fetal psychology helps one see original sin as a psychic negation of the created reflections in Christ of the traits of divine love within the Trinity. Hence, only through Christ can such damage be healed. But before we can live in the full freedom and power of the Holy Spirit, we must relive, in Jesus and as He did, all that God led His people through, from the fall of Adam till Jesus' death and resurrection. Through the «spiritual sense» of the Old Testament, each word of which speaks of Jesus, we learn how to do this. The loss of this sense, embedded in the doctrine and practice of the much maligned «institutional Church» but forgotten by most Christians, explains the chasm that has opened between the intellectual life of the West and the spiritual life of Christians.