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Umberto Eco's Alternative

The Politics of Culture and the Ambiguities of Interpretation- With an Essay by Umberto Eco

Norma Bouchard and Veronica Pravadelli

This anthology examines Eco's work within the context of the current debate surrounding the interpretation and production of cultural messages. The contributors include Peter Carravetta, Patrizia Violi, Davide Del Bello, Remo Ceserani, Walter Stephens, Rocco Capozzi, Linda Hutcheon, Peter Bondanella, Christine Evans, Maurizio Rebaudengo, Diane Elam, Francesco Casetti, and Barbara Grespi. The richness of these writers' approaches mirrors the subject and provides new and fresher ways to think about Eco.
Contents: Norma Bouchard / Veronica Pravadelli: Introduction - Patrizia Violi: Individual and Communal Encyclopedias - Davide Del Bello: The Search for the Perfect Sign: Eco, Vico, and the Destiniy of Rhetoric in European Culture - Peter Carravetta: Hermeneutic Aspects of Eco's Later Works - Helen Bennett: The Limitations of Openness: Foucault's Pendulum and Kabbalah - Walter Stephens: Desperately Seeking Satan: Witchcraft and Censorship in The Name of the Rose - Rocco Capozzi: Libraries, Encyclopedias, and Rhizomes: Popularizing Culture in Eco's Superfictions - Remo Ceserani: Eco's (Post)modernist Fictions - Linda Hutcheon: Eco's Echoes: Ironizing the (Post)Modern - Diane Elam: P.S. «I Love You»: Umberto Eco and The Romance of the Reader - Peter Bondanella: Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: From Structuralism to Semiotics - Maurizio Rebaudengo: Between Shelves and Columns: Scattered Fragments of a Semiotic Discourse - Christine Ann Evans: Eco's Fifth Column: The Critic of Culture Within the Precincts of the Popular - Francesco Casetti and Barbara Grespi: Cinema and the Question of Reception - Umberto Eco: How and Why I Write.