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Problematic Relationships in the Workplace

Janie M. Harden Fritz and Becky L. Omdahl

This seminal work on relationships in the workplace explores how problematic workplace relationships are conceptualized, the ways in which they impact people, and explores the recommended approaches to increasing health and wellness in organizations. Scholars from rhetorical, social scientific, constructivist, and critical perspectives offer a rich array of analyses and original studies of value to other scholars, advanced students, and practitioners.
Contents: Steve Duck/Megan K. Foley/D. Charles Kirkpatrick: Uncovering the Complex Roles Behind the «Difficult» Co-worker – Janie M. Harden Fritz: Typology of Troublesome Others at Work: A Follow-up Investigation – Meina Liu/Patrice M. Buzzanell: When Workplace Pregnancy Highlights Difference: Openings for Deterimental Gender and Supervisory Relations – Patricia M. Sias: Workplace Friendship Deterioration – Jon Hess/Becky L. Omdahl/Janie M. Harden Fritz: Turning Points in Relationships with Disliked Co-workers – Becky L. Omdahl/Janie M. Harden Fritz: Stress, Burnout, and Impaired Mental Health: Consequences of Problematic Work Relationships – Janie M. Harden Fritz/Becky L. Omdahl: Reduced Job Satisfaction, Diminished Commitment, and Workplace Cynicism as Outcomes of Negative Work Relationships – Michael W. Kramer/Claire L. Tan: Emotion Management in Dealing with Difficult People – Terry A. Kinney: Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? The Role of Negative Communication and Relational Maintenance in Distress and Well-Being – Jon A. Hess: Distancing from Problematic Coworkers – Ronald C. Arnett: Professional Civility: Reclaiming Organizational Limits – Sandra Metts/William R. Cupach/Lance Lippert: Forgiveness in the Workplace – Becky L. Omdahl: Towards Effective Work Relationships.