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Postmodern Vernaculars

Chicana Literature and Postmodern Rhetoric

Elisabeth Mermann-Jozwiak

Postmodern Vernaculars examines the work of Chicana authors such as Gaspar de Alba, Anzaldúa, Cantú, Castillo, Cisneros, Mora, Pérez, and Viramontes in relation to theories of postmodernism. Working with a fluid concept of postmodernism, one that traces the term’s evolution from the 1960s to the present, this book argues that Chicana literature is one vernacular, a regional variation of postmodernism. Drawing on the interdisciplinary scholarship that postmodernism itself has enabled – specifically recent developments in the fields of geography, ethnography, photography, history, and linguistics – Postmodern Vernaculars shows that Chicana literature participates in the ongoing reconstruction of postmodernism.