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Turning Tide

The Ebb and Flow of Hawaiian Nationality

Niklaus Schweizer

Turning Tide: The Ebb and Flow of Hawaiian Nationality is an indepth study of the evolution of modern Hawai’i and the background of the sovereignty movement. It is a topic which on account of the potential consequences deserves close scrutiny. Many histories of Hawai’i have been written, but few approach this theme from a global perspective. The native view moreover has generally been downplayed and the wealth of sources written in the Hawaiian language has often been ignored. The present work attempts to right the balance and is intended as a contribution to the lively debate now taking place concerning the future of the Hawaiian islands and their multi-ethnic population in a world which has been marked by fundamental change.
Contents: Exploration and colonization – Colliding cultures – Pre-contact Hawai’i – Calvinism and the missionaries – Capitalism and Hawai’i – Social Darwinism – Military parity – Diplomatic parity – The overthrow of the monarchy – Searching for sovereignty – The new Pacific.