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The Failure of Islamic Modernism?

Syed Ameer Ali's Interpretation of Islam

Martin Forward

Although many Muslims have found the modern, secular, westernized world a hostile environment for their religion, a few intellectuals within their religion have attempted to interpret Islam along modernist lines. One of the most distinguished Muslim Modernists has been Syed Ameer Ali (1849-1928), the first Indian member of the Privy Council. This book examines his modernist interpretation of Islamic history and ethics. In particular, it examines Ameer Ali's convictions of Islamic beliefs about prophethood and revelation. It explores whether such an explanation of how to be a faithful Muslim in the contemporary world is convincing and, if so, to what group or groups of Muslims. Further, it asks whether many non-Muslims would be attracted to such an exposition of Islam.
Contents: A Life of Ameer Ali - His description of revelation in Islam - His interpretation of Islam and other religions - His view of Islamic ethics - His assessment of Islam in his lifetime - The cogency of his modernist interpretation of Islam - Has Islamic modernism a future?