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Modality in Specialized Texts

Selected Papers of the 1 st CERLIS Conference


Maurizio Gotti and Marina Dossena

This volume contains a selection of papers presented at an international conference held in Bergamo (5-6 May 2000), which focussed on the semantic and pragmatic values of modality in specialized texts – legal, economic, academic and medical. The assembled contributions give an overview of the range of scholarly approaches to modality. They convey the theoretical background and provide in-depth analyses of specialized texts on a synchronic as well as on a diachronic level.
Contents: Irma Taavitsainen: Evidentiality and Scientific Thought-Styles: English Medical Writing in Late Middle English and Early Modern English – Gualtiero Calboli: Verbal Moods in Latin Juridical Language – Gabriella Del Lungo Camiciotti: The Expression of Volition in Late Medieval English Wills – Maurizio Gotti: Semantic and Pragmatic Values of Shall and Will in Early Modern English Statutes – Marina Dossena: Committed Wittingly, Willinglie and of Purpose: Exclusiveness and Intensification in Early Modern English Legal Texts – Roberta Facchinetti: Conditional Constructions in Modern English Legal Texts – Giuliana Garzone: Deontic Modality and Performativity in English Legal Texts – Giuliana Diani: Modality and Speech Acts in English Acts of Parliament – Jan Engberg: Entwicklungslinien in der Verwendung von sollen in deutschen Gesetzestexten – Dorothee Heller: Ist Modalität normierbar? Zum Gebrauch der Modalverben in DIN-Normen – Luisa Chierichetti: La modalidad deóntica en el Código Civil español. Apuntes para una comparación con el Codice Civile italiano – Carolina Figueras Solanilla: Modalidad y género discursivo: la diligencia policial como tipo de texto específico – Ken Hyland: Definitely a Possible Explanation: Epistemic Modality in Academic Argument – Davide Simone Giannoni: The Disciplined Scholar: Deontic Modality in Editors’ Instructions to Contributors – Peggy Katelhön: Evidentialität in wissenschaftlichen Texten – Polly Walsh: Prediction and Conviction: Modality in Articles from The Economist – Belinda Crawford Camiciottoli: Understanding Modality in Economic Texts – Pauline Webber/Huon Snelgrove/Philippa Mungra: The Use of Modality in Different Medical Text Genres.