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A Transcultural Study of Ethical Perceptions and Judgments between Chinese and German Businessmen

Qing Tian

An understanding of the effect of a country's culture on ethical decision-making is important for avoiding potential business pitfalls for organizations wishing to implement more effective international management programs. The goal of this book is to analyze the different cultural features of China and Germany and then to explore an effective medium which could be conductive to a better communication between Chinese and German businessmen while facing differences in making ethical decisions. In the empirical part of the book, a survey is conducted to find out whether there are differences in ethical perceptions and judgments between them and in which aspects they are different. In the opinion of the author, differences in ethical perceptions and judgments of businessmen are not independent from cultural influence. Real differences do exist. An effective communication medium mainly based on traditional Chinese Daoism philosophy is explored for the possibility of ist application in moderating conflicts.