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How Is Jesus Christ Lord?

Reading Kwame Bediako from a Postcolonial and Intercontextual Perspective


Bernhard Dinkelaker

The centre of gravity of World Christianity has moved to the South. The numerical growth of African Christians however does not manifest itself in academic theology. Kwame Bediako (1945–2008) is a voice from Ghana that claims a space for African contributions in theology. His quest for identity, his analysis of mission, culture and language, and his critique of a ‹Western value setting› raise issues that are relevant beyond his own context. His statement that Africa is a ‹laboratory› for World Christianity challenges theological debates. His Christological approach is the key to critical engagement with church and society. The book analyses Bediako’s work from a postcolonial and intercontextual perspective. His contribution marks an unfinished agenda in African-European encounters.

African and World Christianity – Kwame Bediako – African and intercontextual theology – Postcolonial theory – African agency in history – Christology and Hermeneutics – Witness in the Public Sphere – Theological Scholarship – Primal Religion and Spirituality – Culture and language – Enlightenment and The West