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Dubbing and Subtitling

The China Experience

Zhengqi Ma and Zheng Xie

The first summarization in English of 70 years of film and television translation and production in China. The first academic retrospect and innovation of audiovisual translation studies for the world’s largest movie and television audience. A product based on more than 20 years of successful teaching and award winning translation experiences.

This book offers the world academia, translation practitioners, students a first chance to look at how the industry began and developed in China, the challenges it is facing, and the prospect that lies ahead. It also gives a rare look at the independently developed theories and guidance for practice that are unique to English-Chinese translation. Until very recently, academic researchers have had very little exchanges with the outside world on the subject of movie and TV translation. Interestingly, readers could find the two independently developed schools of AVT translation studies are meeting each other at the cross road.

This book could serve as a text book for both graduate and undergraduate students who have an interest in AVT, especially movie and TV translation studies. It also aims to help amateur translators who wish to enhance their translation. It also endeavors to become a reference for academic researchers in both translation and intercultural studies. Although this book is dedicated to China’s experiences, its theories, principles, and guidelines could serve a more general purpose.

China’s dream works industry is witnessing an unprecedented boom, a blockbuster could easily rake in a box office revenue of tens of billions of dollars. Translated movies are taking a large share of the boom. That has not included the countless Online sharing of movies and TV productions translated by fansubbers. A lucrative and growing translation market both from foreign language audiovisual production to Chinese and the other way round makes this book particularly relevant to current cultural exchanges between the fastest growing economy, one of the largest audiovisual consuming market and producers worldwide.