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Realities, Discourses, Practices

Augie Fleras

Postmulticulturalism: Realities, Discourses, Practices looks to analyze and assess the current salience and future prospects of Canada’s official multiculturalism by recasting the understanding of its past, present, and future through the prism of a postmulticulturalism lens. This book begins with the observation of a messy postmulticultural world of transnationality, cosmopolitanism, postethnicity, and multiversality, rather than an ordered multicultural world of homogeneity, centrality, and clarity. However durable and popular as a diversity governance model, Canada’s official multiculturalism is no longer theoretically attuned to the realities and demands of this rapidly changing, deeply networked, and diversely complex era. In what is arguably the first book on postmulticulturalism as diversity governance, Postmulticulturalism proposes a new governance mindset that conceptually engages the principles and dynamics of a postmulticultural world as a discursive framework for living together with/in/through a complexity of differences. This book also contends that any move beyond multiculturalism as diversity governance is not about rejection or retreat, but more accurately it’s about building on its positives while moving positively forward in ways theoretically aligned to 21st-century challenges.

List of Tables – Preface – Part One: Diversity Governances in Disarray – Postmulticulturalism: A Governance Mindset Whose Time Has Come – Part Two: Canada’s Official Multiculturalism: Integrating Migrants, Accommodating Minorities – Multiculturalism as Diversity Governance: Theoretical Perspectives, Global Expressions – Theorizing Canada’s Official Multiculturalism – Multiculturalism in Crisis, the Failure of Multiculturalism? A Transatlantic Divide – Part Three: Beyond Multiculturalism, Toward Postmulticulturalism – An Emergent Postmulticultural World of Complex Diversities – Conceptualizing Postmulticulturalism: A Governance Mindset – Interculturalism as Postmulticultural Governance – Accommodating Religious Diversity in a Postmulticultural Canada – Part Four: Rethinking Multicultural Governance in a Postnational Canada – Postmulticulturalism in a Postnational Canada – Index.