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Intercultural Aspect in Translation and Reception of Precedent Phenomena


Andrej Zahorák

This book provides a comprehensive view of intercultural specifics resulting from the translation and reception process of precedent phenomena (precedent names, texts, statements, situations) in different linguistic and socio-cultural spaces – Russian, Slovak and German. The author analyses language and translation itself as a phenomenon of culture in form of interdisciplinary research and thus links translation studies with philosophy, literary science, culture, and intercultural psychology. His comparative research provides a detailed analysis of precedent phenomena in the work Moscow to the End of the Line by V. Erofeev (Russian-Slovak-German comparative aspect). His conclusions and commentaries enrich the sphere of translation and reception of intercultural units.

PhDr. Andrej Zahorák, PhD. works at the Department of Translation Studies, Faculty of Arts, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra as an assistant. He dedicates himself to the translation of belles-lettres and dubbing translation. He researches intercultural aspect in translation, translation of literary texts and audiovisual translation.