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Investigating Conflict Discourses in the Periodical Press


Edited By Giuliana Elena Garzone, Mara Logaldo and Francesca Santulli

The contributions collected in this book deal with the representation of conflict in the periodical press, which has often been an arena of adversarial stances, staged and enacted either within the same publication or enlarged to involve various newspapers and magazines in a series of provocations and replies. Underlying all the contributions is the awareness that the periodical press provides an ideal terrain for research on the discursive representation of conflict, having the prerogative to combine insight with a constant updating of the debate. The issue is approached in an interdisciplinary perspective, bringing linguistics and discourse analysis with Periodical Studies, hence highlighting the connection between language and ideology. The focus on lexical choices and rhetorical devices used to tackle current controversial issues such as Brexit, immigration, violence in sports, policies regarding health and food, women’s role and legal matters ultimately transcends national boundaries to become more widely representative of today’s discourses of conflict.

Giuliana Elena Garzone is Full Professor of English, Linguistics and Translation at IULM University, Milan. Her research interests are mainly in ESP, which she has explored in a discourse analytical perspective, integrating it with corpus linguistics. She has co-ordinated several research projects and published extensively on legal, scientific and business discourse as well as on translation and interpreting.

Mara Logaldo (PhD in English Studies from the University of Genoa) is Assistant Professor of English Language and Translation at IULM, Milan, where she holds courses of ESP (English for public relations, media and specific academic purposes) and Audiovisual Translation. Her research interests include rhetoric and discourse analysis with a focus on media discourse.

Francesca Santulli is Full Professor of Linguistics at the University of Venice «Ca’ Foscari». Her research has focused on various aspects of language and linguistics, ranging from history of linguistics to philology, from phonetics to language contact. She has published many articles and a book on the theoretical aspects of language change. She works extensively to examine scientific and legal communication with a rhetorical and discourse analytical approach, with special attention for themes connected to the social and medical implications of disabilities.